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MetaPdf 1.0

Available on the Mac AppStore
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Edit metadata

Edit PDF metadata, so your PDFs are displayed with the correct title, subject and date (for example on your E-Reader). Also, you can assign keywords to your documents to group them in a context and to find relevant texts easier.


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Edit metadata

Just drag the PDF you wish to edit into the app window and edit information about the PDFs' content, like title, topic and author. You can also adjust file information like the creation and modification date.

Batch edit multiple files

If you want to edit multiple PDF files, just open them in metaPdf and select them holding the cmd-key. For instance you can assign all selected files the same author, subject or keywords with one click.

Add keywords

You can also contextualize your PDF by adding keywords. So they can easily be indexed by Spotlight or any other search engine.

Unlock encrypted PDFs

Not only can you edit meta data of encrypted PDFs (if you know the password), you can also permanently remove the password protection.

Green License

All our Software-Licenses include a Green-License which means that if you want to use the Software you have to take action against Climate Change or Pollution.
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